Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hurry, Sweet Spring

I'm sitting in my living room, working from the couch, while the tiniest of snowflakes fight for air space outside my window. It seems too many trillion of them already FOUND a place in our yard...our driveway...our sidewalk...our street...{you get the picture}.

It's beautiful, for sure.

All fluffy and pure on the branches.

And yet...oh the snarls it causes! The sliding cars...the frozen pipes...the slippery paths...hard to believe it can come from such beauty!

There's so much that's beautiful about winter: the snuggly blankets, the hot cocoa, the roaring fires...the sledding and snowman making and ice skating.

I looked forward to all those things {well, except the ice skating. That is not something safe for me to try if I want to keep all my limbs in tact....} but oh goodness...I didn't expect it all in such abundance!!

Maybe you're there. In a place that you looked forward to...perhaps even enjoyed once it began...but after some time, you find yourself weary. Weary and wondering when the end is in sight. IF there even is an end. Ever.

This week, an anonymous Mid-Morning caller said these words, which struck me so profoundly that I had no choice but to grab my journal and write them down:

It's not the place I want to be, but if I have to be here, it's the place God wants me to be.

I have some winters of the soul that are just like the winter outside my window. Winters that I haven't chosen and don't particularly enjoy, but they are, nonetheless, where I am in this moment. And the callers words ring in my mind. God knew my placement - and He has a purpose for me here.

Trusting in the days of biting wind and debilitating snow...that spring awaits.

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  1. Hey there! My name is Cameron and I have a quick question about your blog and was hoping you could email me when you have a moment. Thanks so much. I greatly appreciate your time and hope you have an awesome day. :)